"...Mercy shall be built up forever: thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very heavens." (Psalm 89:2)

July 4, 2016


On Lady Liberty's tablet is inscribed: "July 4, 1776 the Day of America's Independence from Britain."

 God Bless & Keep this Great Nation of America, safeguarding our independence from ANY force that seeks to take or diminish it.

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NO Shariah law!

Islamic extremists are pushing hard to bring Sharia law - the astonishingly brutal system governing Islam - into the courts of the United States. The ACLJ is leading the fight to keep Sharia law out of our nation's courts. While this may sound absurd, it is already happening, and has been for awhile now. It must be stopped. Radical Islamic forces will not back down; neither will we. Jay Sekulow Live!