"...Mercy shall be built up forever: thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very heavens." (Psalm 89:2)

July 1, 2016

America: the Founders' Vision...or Something Else?

I have come to believe that, from before its very inception, demonic elements were present and at work to pollute & derail the most pure version of the Founding Fathers' vision for America. They were certainly at work in the opposition forces, during the Revolutionary War. But we wouldn't quit. Against all odds, we wouldn't quit - so these elements took up residence, somehow, in the very framework of our new nation. They have been operating surreptitiously, and not so surreptitiously, ever since.

George-Washington-government-is-not-reason-it-is-not-89285They operate primarily within our own government. And I would suggest that any other entities involved have become so at our government's invitation. (You should know that possibly the most trusted & respected man in American history - or perhaps all history - issued a solemn warning against government, even as he was part of it: George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and first President of the United States of America.

These malevolent powers did not suddenly show up on the scene, back in the late 1700's. They have been in existence all along. They resided in the serpent, as he slithered around Eden, deceiving Eve and, through that act robbing humanity of glories unimaginable. Before that, they overpowered Lucifer, God's most beautiful creation, baiting him to declare a coup', rebel against the Most High and bring chaos & destruction unimaginable. These forces will not go away until all things are finally summed up in Christ. So, it should really come as no surprise that they have continued their insidious agenda in & throughout the creation of the United States of America.

The Scriptures tell us to acknowledge the Lord in all our ways. If we are willing to do that, it is promised that He will make our paths straight. I have come to believe that, at root, all conflict & trouble in this world stems from a refusal to acknowledge the Lord. In some way and for whatever reasons, individual beings (human or spirit) - both separately or collectively as groups or nations - resist that Lordship. Ultimately, such resistance sows & reaps destruction.

...so I would submit that there has worked its way throughout humanity that same motivation that drove Lucifer to declare: "...I will be like the most High." (Isaiah 14:14). It has expressed itself through many & varied means, branching out into every aspect of civilization & seeking to lay claim to a position not rightfully its own. It is the motivation that will climax in Armageddon.
What has come to my attention recently is the presence of such intent, expressed within architecture & statuary. I used to think that bizarre-looking figures of stone were just that & nothing more. Now...not so much. I don't say that actual power resides in them, but...idols of stone do convey a message. We might learn surprising truths from tracing back their history & meaning. In fact, the amount of similarities between Old Testament accounts of events, and information recorded on archaeological finds & in ancient writings can't help but be noticed. And intrigue a person...make a person wonder, think twice about what was once dismissed.

...so, after a decent amount of investigating & research, it has not come as quite so much of a shock to me, that the glorious symbol of the hope & promise of America, our Statue of Liberty, may very likely be steeped in the occult.

Which kicks me back to my opening statements: "...demonic elements were present and at work to pollute & derail the most pure version of the Founding Fathers' vision for America."

Let's travel back in time -

Adam has been driven from the Garden, taking his wife Eve with him. Life is different now, outside of Eden, Adam tilling the ground in the sweat of his brow & Eve having sorrow multiplied. Still, though, life went on and this first couple produced a first son, Cain. And his brother, Abel. As happens with siblings, it appears there was some deep resentment in one towards the other. When God favored Abel's animal sacrifice offering, but not Cain's offering of grain, Cain's wrath took hold of him. After that, one hot day out in the field, Cain slew Abel.

Adam & Eve's only surviving son was then banished by the Lord as a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth. Part of his punishment was that, though he might try to work the ground, it would not yield 'her strength' (Genesis 4:12) Cain's means of surviving was seriously curtailed. Fruitful agricultural pursuits were no longer allowed to him. The Scripture doesn't reveal to us any details of the kind of work Cain in which engaged himself. However, I find it interesting that, after this either Cain (or his son Enoch) built the world's first city. And I find it a bit disconcerting that cities & civilizations have their roots in a murderer who did not follow in God's way.

A few 'begats' down the timeline, and Tubal-cain was born. Tubal-cain introduced 'every artifice in brass and iron' to the mix. (Genesis 4:22)  According to this Genesis account, Tubal-Cain's half-brother Jubal was "the father of all those who play the lyre and pipe." (These two 'arts' came to play no small part in the coming days of idolatry.)

As before, life went on. Men multiplied upon the earth. We are told that 'sons of God' came down to mate with the daughters of men, and the next verse here in Genesis is where we read that man's wickedness had devoured his imaginations continually. The Lord repented of ever having created man, and swore to destroy all flesh.

The Flood came, and did just that.

After the rains ceased, the waters receded & the ground dried, Noah & his clan left the ark. Along with all the paired-up animals, life resumed again. More 'begats' down the timeline, and Noah's grandson Cush gives us Nimrod. Prior to Nimrod's birth, Noah's progeny are listed by name only, and the other sons of Cush are all grouped together in the same verse - but not Nimrod. He gets special recognition. Listed separately, he is called a 'mighty one' and a 'mighty hunter before the Lord'( Genesis 10:7-10). He wasn't just a regular guy...

...and it makes me wonder, why is that?

How, and at what point, was there introduced into Nimrod those forces that made him so different? Where did they come from? Nimrod was of Noah's lineage, and Noah was a righteous man before the Lord. But Nimrod - not so much...Hebrew word studies show that, in Nimrod's case, 'before the Lord' appears to mean 'against the Lord", and 'hunter' might not mean a hunter of animals - but rather, a hunter of men (There are other explanations given as to why Nimrod's actions as a hunter are highlighted in the Scriptures, because of his skill in hunting wild beasts & other animals, not men.  One such reason being that, by Nimrod's time, the wild beasts of the forest were multiplying more rapidly than the human race, and he became a great force in subduing this trend.) In addition, we are told that Nimrod 'began to be a mighty one', which has implications all its own. Associated with this Hebrew word 'began' are the concepts of wounding, or an 'opening wedge', or profaning. And 'mighty' one includes the definition 'tyrant'. What Nimrod began to be in the earth doesn't sound all that desirable or harmonious to me.

...and next thing ya know, he's ruling a kingdom, the firstfruits of which was - guess what? Babel, or BABYLON (Genesis 10:10). Which means confusion...

The best answer I can find, as to Nimrod's...destiny?...lies in Genesis 9:22. Noah's son Ham 'saw the nakedness of his father'. Uncovering the nakedness of any relative was the first offence listed in Leviticus 18, regarding moral issues. There were consequences to such an act. One was being cut off from one's people (v.29). Nimrod was Ham's grandson, and I'm wondering if the outcome of Nimrod's life was somehow a trickling down of this curse. It is the only bit of evidence I have found, to explain what seems to be an inexplicable shift in spiritual flow.
I have taken the time to write about these Biblical & historical events because they seem to build up to outcomes that exist in our world today.



....so life is carrying on as usual in Nimrod's kingdom hub of Babel, hustle & bustle, to & fro...eating & drinking, selling and trading of goods, preparing food & washing clothes....but something else is going on, in minds & hearts. The people decided to build a tower that would reach to heaven. What?? Why would anyone do that? Well, self-preservation, it would seem, based on Genesis 11:4...and I would also suggest, that old Luciferian "I will be like the most High" delusion, the "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds" ambition (Isaiah 14:14).

(Keep in mind that the means by which some here have tried to oppose God is architecture.)

We know God thwarted this ambition of these people big-time. Not His plan for us to make our own way up to Him. Not then, not now. He had & He has His own Way of connecting with us, it Is Jesus Christ, and He came down to us.....

There is only one Way, and all the towers, all the magnificent buildings & cathedrals, all the rituals & formulas of this world don't mean squat. They cannot do anything for us, not really, not finally. They will not endure. But the Son of  God, the Lord Jesus Christ, reigns forever. His throne endures forever, and so does His Word. Only His blood covers our sins and brings us redemption eternal. It is the only price powerful enough to make things right, and it has already been paid at the Cross.

You need to be covered with that Blood.
Next post, picking up at Nimrod and his influence on the foundations of the United States of America. 

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